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There are many reasons to choose SavingFace Software for your continuity needs.

It's extremely affordable and flexible to meet your financial capabilities. Pay by the month or the year.

Do you have a Final Draft script? You can import the script directly into SavingFace and save yourself days of tedious breakdown preparation!

Print off your daily report for the scenes you are shooting today. You can order them before printing, so if scene 5 is being shot before scene 2, drag it to the top and then print.

Need to email the day's shooting schedule to a team member or PA? No problem! Purchase Branding and now your logo is on your breakdown report for all to see.

Submit your continuity book on a flash drive or email it! No more printing reams of paper and wasted ink. Think of the savings both $ and environment.

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SavingFace Reports

The Makeup Chart is the most comprehensive of the reports generated from your data in SavingFace Continuity Software. It comprises all of the makeup, hair, fx and photo records you enter for your characters. You can also generate more specialised reports, isolating specific sets of your data.

* The reports only print as much or as little data as is entered

SavingFace Testimonials

  • Brenda McNally - Wakefield, RI, SavingFace made it so easy for me to keep my continuity up to date day to day. I had all of my info and photos with me from trailer to hotel room. SavingFace was a breeze to use and helped me memorize the whole script as I entered the data on to my computer. At wrap, it was such a pleasure to be innovative by just simply handing in my continuity disc as opposed to bulky books and photos. I plan to use it again next month for my next film!! Brenda McNallyally- Hair Dept. Head- “The Company Men”
  • Naomi D. Lynch - Perth, Australia, I first started using Saving Face software in 2008, and I can’t go back! When I was working on 'Inseparable Coil; ( ) I had to contend with identical twin lead actors, who sometimes had to look different, and sometimes like each other which meant I had be to right on the ball with continuity! Saving Face made my life so much easier by cross-referencing all my actors, scenes and shooting days. The information I needed was always so easy to find. I could upload continuity photos and store detailed information on makeup and effects, which was then accessible in easy to read breakdown reports. Since then Doug and Maureen have improved the program even further, and I now use it to do all my initial script breakdowns in pre-production, going back in to add the details of individual actors once established. I have used the software on several productions since then and keep finding more ways in which it simplifies my job. I love not having to search through folders for bits of paper, and uploading photos from my digital SLR camera and then to Saving Face means I have instant reference to them – no more confusion about which photo belongs to which date or scene! Saving Face is a time saver too allowing you to copy and paste scene information or character details from one page to the next. This is especially valuable where there are a lot of performers in a particular scene, or when you have a character whose look does not change much over several scenes. These days, an essential part of my kit is my laptop and my SavingFace software. Naomi D Lynch
  • Hil Cook - Wellington, New Zealand,"You guys are amazing!!! this programme is wonderful!!!!!" My business partner thinks your programme is just genius too and is very relieved that our break down is going to be a much easier task. YAY
  • Brigitte Wood - Los Angeles, CA,Thank you so much, the .pdf extension worked brilliantly and has given me a new appreciation for the software, the reports are exactly as we need them to be!
  • Charles Gregory Ross - Atlanta, GA,I love it!
  • Gena Pacheco - Minneapolis, MN,SavingFace software has been an incredible tool to work with. I have found it simplifies the documentation process which gives me more free time. Doug and Maureen are always there for me if I have any questions. I am very happy with my purchase!! Gena Pacheco- Makeup & Hair- “Prairie Love”

A partial list of our credits.

Feature Films:

  • The Bleeding, starring Armand Assante & Michael Madsen
  • Buick Rivera, starring Slavko Stimac & Leon Lucev
  • Nobody, starring Sam Rosen & Bonnie Somerville
  • A Serious Man, starring Michael Stuhlbarg and Richard Kind
  • Prairie Love- starring Jeremy Clark, Holly Lynn Ellis & Garth Blomberg
  • The Rum Diaries- starring Johnny Depp & Aaron Eckhart
  • Life During Wartime- starring Shirley Henderson & Allison Janney
  • Thin Ice- starring, Greg Kinnear, Alan Arkin & Billy Crudup
  • The Company Men- starring Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner & Tommy Lee Jones
  • The Fighter- starring Mark Wahlberg & Christian Bale
  • Loosies- written by & starring Peter Facinelli & Jaimie Alexander
  • Incubus, starring Robert Englund
  • Missing William, starring Brandon Routh & Courtney Ford
  • One for the Money, starring Katherine Heigl & John Leguizamo
  • Foreverland, starring Max Thieriot & Laurence Leboeuf

Short Films and Feature Trailers:

  • The Marcel Trilogy
  • Ana's Playground
  • Inseparable Coil
  • Radio Pirates

Television Movies:

  • Dream Life- MTV Australia
  • Marry Me- Lifetime
  • Christmas Cupid- ABC Family
  • My Future Boyfriend- ABC Family
  • Criminal Behavior- Lifetime

Television Series:

  • Ugly Betty- ABC
  • Majority Rules!- Teletoon Canada
  • Treme- HBO
  • Mad Men- AMC
  • Drop Dead Diva- Lifetime
  • Sanctuary- SyFy
  • Bomb Girls- Shaw Media Canada
  • Arctic Air- CBC Canada

We'd tell you the rest, but then we'd have to kill you ;-)

If you've used SavingFace on a production and would like to add it to our growing list of credits, please email info@savingface-software, with the word "Credit" on the subject line.

Import Scripts.

Now you can securely import characters and scenes from your .FDX (Final Draft) scripts and have your breakdowns done for you- automatically! Save yourself hours of manual entry of script information.

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Q: Why do I need continuity software?

A: SavingFace was developed as an alternative to the old school "makeup charts" and "continuity books" compiled in the makeup and hair department. All your continuity photos and data are saved digitally on your computer, eliminating the need to copy details long hand, print photos and save pages in plastic sleeves in heavy, cumbersome binders. The software can generate reports that replace the makeup charts, detail any continuity issues that are noted and the entire "book" can then be saved on your hard drive and you can hand Production a digital "book" on a CD- or better yet? Email your entire Book! No more printers, ink, batteries, or photo paper necessary. The software saves your data and photos as well as saving money, paper and power- an added bonus for those of us concerned about doing our part to offset our carbon footprints.

Q: Can I email charts, reports or pictures from the software?

A: Yes. The makeup charts are in PDF format, include the pertinent photos and can be attached to any email message. Therefore, any information you need to share with your team can be exchanged through email.

Q: I'm really just a one-man department, working on really small low-budget films. I'm the one doing makeup and hair- I almost never have an assistant. Why would I need this software?

A: This software is especially beneficial to an artist in your position. You have to keep all your own continuity notes anyway, the "match to scene" and "merge" functions will save you valuable time- allowing you to copy and paste data from one scene to another and from one character to another in the same scene. Want to save yourself untold HOURS of work? Use the Automatic Script Import function! Not having to print photos saves you having to run a printer and use expensive photo paper and ink cartridges, saving your department's budget a lot of money that could well be spent elsewhere.


Want to take your business to the next level? Add Branding to your subscription and all your reports (makeup book included) will display your logo in place of the SavingFace logo! Stand out from the crowd and reinforce your own brand.

Daily Breakdown

Want your team prepared for each shooting day? Keep everyone on the same page by dragging and dropping your day's scenes into call sheet order and you have a Daily Breakdown Report for easy reference.

Email the PDF or just open it on your smartphone or mobile device to share with your hair and makeup team, your AD team, Production office or anyone else who needs to be in the loop! Print it if you must ;)


SavingFace Software featured in issue #73 of Make-Up Artist Magazine Read the article here

SavingFace Software


SavingFace Software does not store any credit card or bank information of any kind. Your information is private and secure. We do not sell or rent your information to anyone.

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